remedcu02/18 06:03:25
Manual Payments usually within 24 hours
santhoshk 02/18 02:45:32
instant payment or not?
remedcu02/17 11:28:27
Because you do not have any membership. Please check the FAQ section to know more about the referral commission details.
santhoshk 02/16 22:39:32
My user id is santhoshk i have dir ref who had platinum m'ship and 38 packs but still i got no ref comm. Plz check my account.
remedcu02/16 10:47:35
@Legend, please make a support ticket so that we can check your issue.
Legend 02/14 22:12:09
remedcu plz see my first 10 adpack campaigns no clicks banner impression received ,plz check it
remedcu02/14 03:49:12
Our launch was really delayed due to Payza and we got a reply after so much time, so we didn't went for Payza anymore.
Legend 02/14 02:03:06
payza is a pain of ass but if it get included we can recruit members , people don't like to put money in a revshare where payza not verified
none 02/13 17:04:34
when will payza be included?
Legend 02/13 10:51:51
passive i will be happy to see you as my downline in any future program
passivetools 02/13 06:33:37
thanks earnwithdon for being a great downline
passivetools 02/13 06:33:22
kind of excited about the 'buy for referral
Legend 02/12 22:16:26
when traffic grid will be active?
cashup 02/12 08:52:57
nice site you have here
Legend 02/12 08:00:20
i have no upline don't like to have upline
remedcu02/11 20:24:57
Better than nothing. Also, it's 0.005 to you and your upline! Also, it is based on members buying cashlinks.
Legend 02/11 11:34:27
only 0..005$ cashlinks lol
remedcu02/11 06:50:18
Cashlinks available guys! Don't forget to try them out to earn extra!
remedcu02/08 04:58:23
Upto 2% is the earning. It varies daily depending on the ad pack sales, other advertisement sales, etc.
santhoshk 02/08 03:06:02
approximately how many days takes adpack matured?
Legend 02/07 23:17:43
it depend on sale
govindr 02/07 20:23:22
i had $1 adpack yesterday but daily 2% any adpack so $1 adpack get daily Rev share 0.021 but only get 0.0119 how admin?
remedcu02/05 08:43:45
PPC Banners are live! Check your Email (in spam folder as well)
remedcu02/03 18:06:47
In advertise, click adpack, then click manage, you can see all the details.
beesmarte 02/03 13:50:04
hello trusted admin remedcu, Your member need to see their progress activity in their account summary. can you read this?

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