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Unique Mixture of Revshare and Matrix

Together Investing - Unique Mixture of Revshare and Matrix

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About Us

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Our Story

We wanted to make a system which is not just suitable for leaders but also for all the members, small or big. We wanted all of our members to have referrals so we made a matrix structure inside our revenue sharing model. Our main source of income comes from different types of advertisement sales. But in the future, we are also aiming to get more revenues from different types of business model.

In short term our goal is to get our system to be known to each and everyone. Not just a way to have an earning opportunity, but a really good place to advertise programs online and to get referrals. We also have enabled subscriber services to let our users know about the best programs online to earn money and to diversify. We will do our best to make our members to earn the most as safe as possible.

Our Philosophy

The greatest pleasure
in life is doing what people say you cannot do

Sean Ngu
Johnson Owner

Our Experience

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Total earned
Members online
Total paid out

Our Team

We have got some of the best people in the world to build this masterpiece
Here are some of our heroes!

Ryan Teller



He is the Owner & CEO of Together Investing. He has been in this industry for the past few years

Mia Donovan



She works in 33Brushes and has been making the online earning sites as beautiful as possible for quite some time.

It's not about idea,
it's about making it a success! Johnson, Owner of Together Investing

Our Site

Our website has been made with utmost care and endless possibility
for our dearest members!

Revenue Sharing

Our system shares revenues with our members depending on the cashback offer they have.

All Offer Walls

We have embedded offerwalls for our members to earn without opening their wallets!

ALL CPA/GPT Networks

We have CPA & GPT Networks which we will start soon!

Anti-Cheat System

Runs live all the time. Analiyzes member IPs, browser & PC info, referral connections, Anti-Proxy API, etc. 100% automatic.

GPT Video

We have connected with DailyMotion and will soon activate this model so that our members earn when they watch videos. Yes, you earn to enjoy as well!

Traffic Exchange

Want your referral links to be shown to all without buying any adpack? Just check out what other's have to offer!

Points locking

We Lock Points from CPA/GPT offers and Offerwalls that exceed some limit to protect against fraud submissions.

Gift Card System

We will soon give our members an option to buy and withdraw using GiftCards of different company which can be used anywhere!

Famobi games

We have partnered with Famobi. Soon our members will earn on game plays as well. Yes, this get's better each time.

SolveMedia & reCaptcha

Apart from the generic Captcha, we also have most used SolveMedia and reCaptcha

Multi-language support

We not just support English but other languages such as German, Spanich, Indonesian, etc upto 9 languages!

Earn with Facebook

Members will soon be able to advertise fanpages and get likes for their pages in an affordable rate!

100% OOP

Together Investing is written in 100% with Object-Oriented Programming paradigm. It guarantees good scalability, security and development.

Many payment processors

We accept different payment processors such as Solid Trust Pay, OKPay, Bitcoin, AdvCash, Payeer & Perfect Money. Soon more will follow!


The most powerful ASP.NET forum integrated 100% into Together Investing. It is a one stop place for our members to have a conversation easily.

Matrix upto 4 levels

Maximum 5 active users as direct reffs upto 4 level referral structure allows you to have many active referrals. And the more the tree grows, the more you earn from your referrals.

BitCoins (BTC)

The most famous cryptocurrency is accepted in our system!

AdPack Ads

Create your own AdPack Ads. Start Pages for your ads to be seen first, Full statistics in dashboard and much more!

Login Ads

Members will view your ads after each login. The advertiser can geotarget as well!

Live Chat

Live Chat is available most of the times to clear your queries as soon as possible.



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Our Payment Processors

We accept these payment processors and will soon offer more.


Our Client Testimonials

Our Price

These are the adpacks in our system
each adpacks comes along with clicks, banner impressions, etc.

  • Silver

    $1 per adpack
    • 110% Cashback Opportunity!
    • 0% Repurchase Rule
    • 50 Clicks of 30 Sec Each
    • 300 Banner Credits
    • Silver Membership Required
    • Max 200 adpacks per User
  • Gold

    $1 per adpack
    • 115% Cashback Opportunity!
    • 0% Repurchase Rule
    • 75 Clicks of 30 Sec Each
    • 450 Banner Credits
    • Gold Membership Required
    • Max 400 adpacks per User
  • Platinum

    $1 per adpack
    • 120% Cashback Opportunity!
    • 0% Repurchase Rule
    • 100 Clicks of 30 Sec Each
    • 600 Banner Credits of 728x90
    • Platinum Membership Required
    • Max 800 adpacks per User
  • Diamond

    $1 per adpack
    • 125% Cashback Opportunity!
    • 0% Repurchase Rule
    • 120 Clicks of 30 Sec Each
    • 800 Banner Credits of 728x90
    • Diamond Membership Required
    • Max 1600 adpacks per User

Contact Us

Please contact us at asd@qwe.com or just click here!